In these uncertain times, Blackcoffee is here to help you stay sane and stay connected to your clients. We’ll help you keep your revenue safe while you work to keep yourself and your family safe.

We’re trained crisis communications specialists with expertise in communicating during a pandemic. That means we’re prepared and have the communications tools and intuition to help your business survive over the coming months.

To learn more about how we’re helping clients and our neighbours through this crisis, visit our COVID-19 resource page here.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Home.

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A Message from Blackcoffee Founder Shannon Larkins

Navigating the COVID-19
crisis together.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the grief you may be feeling. For your loss of income. For your fears for your family. At Blackcoffee, we share your pain for the losses and massive disruption you've incurred over the past many weeks, and the losses and disruptions that may continue to grow as our health care workers battle this pandemic and scientists work to discover ways to defeat the virus. I understand the despair and frustrations, the distressing decisions you have to make that were not part of your 2020 business plan.

I want you to know that we are here to help. To support you, to slow the losses and to find new income opportunities for you. We are human first and, in moments like these, taking the most human approach is what we all need – connect, care, and support.

Whatever I or the team here at Blackcoffee can do to support our clients and our communities, we want to do. If we can offer advice, provide connection to experts, or give you a virtual hug over a virtual coffee – we will.

Our communities are built and sustained based on how well we care for each another. This will be a true test of our human commitment to community.

Please reach out if we can help.

Be well.

Shannon Larkins

How We're Helping

Supporting our customers and our comunity


We are growing a library of resources to help our audiences adapt to the new environment. Read the latest below or visit Covid-19 blog for the complete list.

Reduced Prices and Payment Plans

We recognize money is tight right now, but your business won’t survive if you don’t adapt, connect to clients and find new revenue streams. We can help. We’re reducing our pricing by 15% and offering payment plans so you can start right away.

Business Collective

We’ve assembled a team of trained experts adept at dealing with disasters and recovering. We’ve been on the frontlines of several events including the H1N1 pandemic, 9/11 in NYC, the Southern Alberta floods, and industrial catastrophes. We’ll connect you with the experts you need most.

Supporting Health Care Workers

Keeping our healthcare workers safe is critical to us getting ahead of the pandemic and getting back to work. So we’re donating to, an organization working to ensure frontline healthcare workers in Canada have access to supplies that are essential in treating patients and minimizing the spread of the virus.

United Nations/WHO Campaign

When a global call to creatives to help stop COVID-19 came from the United Nations and the World Health Organization earlier this month, we answered that call and created an innovative global campaign. Visit to learn more.

Social Distancing

While we're taking the responsibility to socially-distance seriously to slow the spread of the virus, we’re here virtually for you. The importance of each single person in this circumstance cannot be underestimated.

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