Caffeinate your Biz

Are you careful who you talk to about your dreams?

All of those good-intentioned friends and family with their oddball suggestions and patronizing looks of concern … they mean well. But they just don’t get it.

The world is built around 9-to-5, paying your dues, long commutes and cubicles.

Get a job, a pension plan, and don’t rock the boat baby. Be grateful.

So when people like us announce that we’re following our dreams and starting a business, the eyes roll and the tongues wag.

And we, well we shut down. We don’t tell them when it’s hard. We don’t noodle solutions around with them because the answer will likely be … ‘Get a real job.’

Growing a business … that’s hard work. And it’s made a heck of a lot harder when we don’t have anyone to turn to that knows the struggle. Someone that but will offer concrete solutions that make a difference.

If you have the passion inside you, you deserve to follow that dream. You deserve to write your verse.

You deserve smart advice that helps you along the path to that dream.

Let’s make this year your year.

Let’s CAFFEINATE your biz with some heavy-duty infusions of BLACKCOFFEE.

It starts with the Blackcoffee website reading.

As your business barista (ahem brand strategist), I will devour your website – analyze what’s working, what’s not, and what needs tweaking – and then share my thoughts on how you can jolt it to new heights – making your business hotter than the latest Starbucks cuppa.

You’ll get my personal reading AND to CAFFEINATE your brand with a boost stronger than a double espresso shot, this offer also unlocks our secret BrandAid Packages and discount codes for all Blackcoffee Services.

Hit the button below to buy this unprecedented offer and CAFFEINATE your brand.

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I can’t wait to change your business and your life by showing YOU and the world what you are really worth!

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On my very first call with Shannon, she got me, she got my business and not just the way I saw it - BEYOND the way I saw it. She had this clear vision of where I needed to go and how I needed to get there, and suddenly I was excited about my work again, as my whole perspective on the future of my company just blew wide open.

Caroline Mays
Founder Switchblade Lemonade
California, USA