Join me, Blackcoffee Founder Shannon Larkins, for a LIVE 8-week mentorship program - the Red Carpet Secrets. Through this offering you’ll learn how to transform your business into a brand that differentiates you from the competition and drives ROI.


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Get ready to roll out the red carpet to attract PREMIUM customers

That red carpet? It’s the difference between having a business or a brand.

It’s time to unlock the secrets to attracting your premium customers. Plenty of businesses offer a premium product or service, but they’re not brands. 

A brand provides an experience, rolling out the red carpet for clients. Customers know a brand experience is worth more. And the right ones are eager to pay for that experience because it’s that experience that assures them you are the best and they’ll be well taken care of on their journey with you.



An 8-week mentorship program to help you go from business to BRAND

I built Blackcoffee by rolling out the red carpet for my clients and I’m doing the same for every participant in this course. Unlike so many online courses, you won’t be left to struggle with boring download templates and videos. (Pssst … you know those courses hidden in some folder on your computer that you are embarrassed you ever paid for.)

I believe in giving my clients the very best of me and that’s why I’m excited to offer this course in a unique format that let’s us really connect. A true mentorship program, I’ll be with you in a private Facebook group every step of the way.


On Friday, June 1, I will open a private Facebook group.

Each Monday for eight weeks, you’ll receive your lesson for the week, and each week, I’ll pop in to the group with a Facebook Live to cover the content, answer questions and brainstorm with you.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Clarified your brand vision and values
  • Completed a brand audit
  • Created a brand strategy, identifying your key selling features and differentiators
  • Identified your most profitable customers
  • Chosen (or confirmed) your brand visuals, the colours, fonts and images that speak for you
  • Developed your brand lexicon, the words and phrases you’ll use to connect with your premium clients
  • Created strategies for emotionally connecting with your high end premium clients

So much more than a course, this mentorship program will change the way you look at your business. And I’ll be with you in the Facebook group every step of the way – along with expert guest mentors offering guidance and encouragement.

Offered At $497 USD

Nice to meet you.
I’m Shannon Larkins, the brand barista over here at Blackcoffee Studio.

Over the course of 15+ years, I’ve grown Blackcoffee Studio out of a love for brand. Brand when done right is magic that compels buyers to become evangelists. But too often brand is misunderstood and sloppily done.

Like so many small business owners, I grew my business out of dreams and hard work. I know that being an entrepreneur can be lonely and challenging. If that feels like you, you no longer have to struggle on your own. This program will provide the mentorship and support you’ve been yearning for.

Nice to meet you.

On my very first call with Shannon, she got me, she got my business and not just the way I saw it - BEYOND the way I saw it. She had this clear vision of where I needed to go and how I needed to get there, and suddenly I was excited about my work again, as my whole perspective on the future of my company just blew wide open.

Caroline Mays
Founder Switchblade Lemonade
California, USA

Live Mentorship in a Private Facebook Group

Expert Guest Speakers

Participants From Around the World

Red Carpet Secrets

Join participants from all over the world in a powerful mastermind that will elevate your business and get you making the money you deserve. The work begins with your biggest dreams and creating a path to get you there. So much more than a course, this mentorship program will change the way you look at your business. And I’ll be with you in the Facebook group every step of the way, offering guidance and encouragement.

Discover the Red Carpet Secrets and you’re on your way to creating the life of your dreams.

Secret #1

Creating a work life you love.

Your brand starts at the very foundation of why you do what you do.

We’ll start at the very beginning, defining what you do and how you do it. What lights you up? What gets you out of bed each morning? These questions are deceptively simple, but answering them will help you understand what you offer the world is special, allowing you to create a niche market in your area of expertise.

Secret #2

Big Dreams. Big Money.

Your best brand is a combination of your business today and how you hope to grow.

If you don’t look to the future and allow big dreams to capture your imagination, you’ll forever be stuck in the day to day. Together, we’ll figure out your road map that will allow you to fulfill those dreams and grow a brand you love. The bottom line is you’ll have a clear path to making the kind of money that only a brand can generate.

Secret #3

Understanding What You Bring to the Party.

By combining art and science, we’ll create the magic that begins your brand transformation.

We’re diving in to create your ultimate brand strategy. Brand strategy ensures you’re playing at the top of your game and choreographs your client’s ultimate experience. It goes beyond the visual to tantalize all of the senses and makes sure your clients feel great about working with you.

Secret #4

Brand Attraction.

Identifying your most profitable clients and what motivates them to work with you.

Profitable clients are the ones who value what you do. They are prepared to pay your fees and they pay them on time. Profitable clients understand what you do and how you do it. Working with them is a pleasure. And most important of all, they recommend your business to equally remarkable people.

Secret #5

Developing Premium Aesthetics.

Perfectly and elegantly articulating your brand story through words and visuals.

Brand style is how you share your brand both visually and verbally, connecting emotionally with your premium clients. It’s critical to perfectly align strategy with style so there’s no confusion between what you’re all about and how you present yourself. We’ll cover colour psychology and discovering your brand voice.

Secret #6

Crafting the Ultimate On-Brand Client Experience.

This is the moment where you roll out the red carpet and ensure you’re giving your premium customers everything they’ve been dreaming of.

Everything we’ve done together has led to this. When developing a brand, it’s important to look at each function and process in your business and ensure they’re operating at the optimum level of quality and service. Now that we’ve tackled the big questions, it’s time to go back and ensure your transformation from business to brand is complete through the use of our proprietary brand audit process.

Offered At $497 USD

I absolutely loved working with Shannon through her mentorship process to understand my premium clients. I wanted my future clients to be women who could feel safe and confident with me, yet, I work in weight loss. This is not an area where you’re jumping for joy to go and tell a stranger all your insecurities. The Black Coffee Brand Attraction package was purrrrrrfect. OMG Shannon’s outline, her planning, and live sessions gave me exactly what I had been trying to find out. She truly does have a gift for empathizing with your target market and identifying what you can offer them to create a wonderful experience for both them, and for you.

Jessica Dusak
Founder, KettleBells & Vodka
Boston, Massachusetts

The process that Shannon takes her clients through is truly a journey of awareness, causing you to look at your business in new and exciting ways. When you begin to view your business as a brand, it’s exhilarating. The love and appreciation I have for the brand that the Blackcoffee team created cannot be measured in mere words. My investment in your services will positively impact my business for years to come, of that I have no doubt.

Rhonda Tournay
Business Owner
Ontario, Canada