Brand is so much more than your logo.

Brand is the thread count of your company’s red carpet. It’s how it feels to your clients when they walk it.

It’s the luxury of your offerings and intelligence of your pricing. The beauty of your website and ease of its navigation. It’s every campaign you roll out and every customer you help. Every crisis you handle gracefully and every one you avoid to begin with.

Experience Luxury

To become a luxurious, iconic brand, you must prepare yourself to take center stage.

Yet there’s a lot that goes on behind the curtains before any of us gets to be the headliner.

Come behind the scenes with us.

We're high maintenance so you don't have to be.

There’s a scene in When Harry Met Sally – no, not that scene – the one where Harry comments on Sally’s restaurant skills.

He says, “Sally is a great orderer. Not only does she pick the best thing on the menu, but she orders it in a way that even the chef didn’t know how good it could be.”

Sally is a great ‘orderer’ because when she orders a slice of apple pie, she’s not just thinking about the pie. She’s thinking about all of the circumstances surrounding the pie. Warm, cold, á la mode or no, Sally has thought through all of the options and left nothing about her dessert to chance.

Harry said Sally was high-maintenance.

I say Sally would have made a fabulous brand strategist.

As the lead brand strategist here at Blackcoffee it’s what I do every day – choreograph experiences to the last perfect detail.

Because it’s never just about the pie.

Your brand is not just the product you’re selling. It’s not just about your website, your client processes, or that fancy expresso machine in the client lounge.

Your brand is all of those things and more working together to create a premium experience.

That’s what makes Blackcoffee different. We create premium aesthetics, websites and experiences that attract your most profitable clients.

Shannon Larkins
Founder, Blackcoffee Studio

Shannon has a gift for empathizing with your target market and identifying what you can offer them to create a wonderful experience for both them and for you.

Jessica Dusak
Founder, KettleBells & Vodka
Boston, Massachusetts

Over the course of 15+ years, I’ve grown Blackcoffee Studio out of this love for brand. Now I serve up Blackcoffee as my morning ritual while caffeinating clients and readers on the regular.

Meet the Blackcoffee Founder and CEO

Shannon Larkins

Brand strategist. Creative director. Black coffee drinker. Mogul maker.

A reporter in her early career, Shannon was trained to connect to audiences through story telling. A transition to politics, created a deeper connection to words through key messaging, spin doctoring, and speech writing.

Inciting emotion became an expertise. Shannon not only wrote what people would say – she choreographed how they would say it.

In charge of reputation management and crisis aversion, Shannon strategized top-level political campaigns.

It was an era of late nights, high stakes, competing egos, raised voices, and coffee runs, but despite the tension, she always kept a steady pulse, and was renowned for being the calm within political dramas.

It was only a matter of time before the business world discovered her gifts – one request to manage a crisis became a request to manage a reputation became a request to manage an entire brand from web design to client experience.

Just like political strategies, Shannon taught clients that business strategy must be about controlling the narrative. It’s about telling a story... and it’s about getting that story to step up and step off the page.

It involves precise choreography, flattering lighting, poignant design, and a compelling script.

Shannon Larkins leads this process flawlessly leaning on her years of experience and intuitive sense of premium clients.

When the lights dim and the curtains go up, she makes sure your performance is powerful. Your set design is breathtaking. Your audience is in their seats...unaware of what all happened backstage, but very much in love with what you’ve created for them.