November 6th, 2014 - Crisis Communication, Media Training

No winners when you play the blame game

I met Danielle Smith for the first time at Rod Love’s memorial last Saturday.

During the many tributes, Danielle stood beside our group. Her eyes were wet. Her emotions on her sleeve. Her personal strength evident.

During the reception, I made a point to tell her I was impressed with a leader so present and connected to the moment. (Particularly at an event where many showed up to pointedly schmooze … their eyes wildly looking over your shoulder for someone more important to chat with.)

Of course, this chance meeting came in the midst of a turbulent week for the leader of the Wildrose Party. Dismal by-election results, her leadership in question, an elected caucus member in flight, and arrows of blame flying with abandon. (For background, read Graham Thomson: .)

I’ve got to agree with Graham that it was a very bad week for Danielle. And I am sure that there’s a lot of blame to go around, but as an outside observer I’d say there’s a couple of key things that need to get fixed quickly within the Wildrose Party (WRP).

  1. The party needs an infusion of new and smart talent. Talent that will put the games of negativity and personality behind them and serve their leader.
  1. Danielle and her elected team need to take smart advice. You can have the best talent pool in the world, but if you refuse to listen, if you refuse to implement good strategy, you are doomed to failure.

If the above were in place, Danielle’s very bad week wouldn’t have ended with the very bizarre news conference about whether Joe Anglin taped meetings. And let’s be clear, both of the above need to happen for a team to be effective. Frankly, it’s about discipline. Be psychotically over prepared whether you are the one preparing, or the one being prepared. And be smart about it.

I don’t know what went wrong. Was she prepped with strategic messaging and savvy media training? Did she practice the hard questions and refine her points? Was she ready for the intensity that the media brought and normally reserve for the party in power?

Did these things happen and she refused to listen?

Or was she sent to the wolves with no strategy, no support, and no practice?

I left Rod’s memorial Saturday a fan of Danielle Smith the person. But my peek into the WRP left me scratching my head.

With gratitude,

Shannon Larkins

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