May 6th, 2021 - Brand

Reimagining life and brands post pandemic

I got vaccinated the other day. My first poke. 80 per cent protected and a glimmer of light on the horizon. And then boom. Our province makes headlines around the world for being the most COVID-riddled place to live and breathe in North America. 

Lockdown. The idea brought some relief on a rainy May evening but the relief was tinged with anger, frustration and sadness. Could we not have learned anything from those who went before us. Were the deaths in Italy, New York, Seattle and Spain in COVID’s early days senseless? 

I’ve said several times that at least I didn’t know last March what I know now. That quarantine would be endless, that I’d forget what it was like to put real clothes on and eat in a restaurant. That I’d stop longing to hug my friends. That I’d question if I’d ever want to again. 

But maybe it would have been good to know, to prepare, to have an end timeframe in mind?

While I think I’m still glad I didn’t have a crystal ball to see the rest of 2020 sprawled out before me, I’m happy to have worked with amazing businesses to prepare them for a world that’s ready to explode with opportunity if we’re patient enough to wait for it. 

One of these businesses was the last you’d expect to reach out during the dark days of COVID summer and ask for a rebrand. 

Passionate travellers with a penchant for indulging in luxury amenities, Nabeel Alateeqi and Andrew Satkowiak lead The Luxury Travel Agency. They came to us for a full rebrand and a gorgeous website: an appropriate showcase for their craft.

They knew they wouldn’t be booking luxury cruises or beautiful beachy weddings anytime soon but they wanted to prepare. To be ready for the pent up desires of a world that spent a year plus locked down. 

While COVID prevented us getting together in person with our Ontario-based clients, we zoomed, analyzed and strategized. We knew the new brand had to be an icon for service, pleasure and exotic luxurious travel. We delivered creating a brand as beautifully unique as the team that run the agency. 

How we helped:

  • Brand strategy
  • Story development
  • Brand visuals
  • Brand voice
  • Website design and development 
  • Business cards
  • Marketing collateral 
  • Social Media

Through it all, we dreamed of where we would travel when the world returned to normal.

Are you longing to lie on a beach again? To rub your toes in the sand and feel the salty kiss of the ocean? Perhaps after the endless quarantine your travel dreams are bolder. A walk along the Cinque Terre to sample the wines and tastes of the Italian Riviera? Or maybe a safari in Africa to see majestic wildlife?

We know just the people to get you back into circulation safely. 

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With gratitude,

Shannon Larkins

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