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September 10th, 2014 - Photography

Remembering the Simple Life

For the Blackcoffee Studio launch, my goal was to create a website that was clean and simple: a site that would illustrate clarity, one that would be easy to navigate and speak to a business case. Yet I still wanted to engage the heart along with the brain. Finding the right art – photos, illustrations, graphics – is vital when it comes to making an emotional connection.

I decided to tell a story through beautiful photos. To engage visitors with photos that exemplified a simple life. Maybe we could lift spirits and create smiles with photos that bring back fond memories of simple days – dancing in the rain, running through a sprinkler, painting with abandon.

I love reaching out to photographers here at home or around the world to help tell stories. For this project, I found photographer and storyteller Ginger Unzueta in Florida and I am grateful to her for allowing me to use these amazing photos to breathe life into this website.

For more on Ginger check out And check back every so often for new photo inspirations.

Shannon Larkins

Shannon Larkins

Hi I’m Shannon, founder of Blackcoffee Studio. A former reporter, spin doctor and politico, I now focus on using my powers for good.

I create mighty brands for clients and share their stories with the world. I’m also rather addicted to my nutty family, dogs with pushed in faces, Mexico and of course coffee … black.