January 1st, 2020 - Personal Brand

Resolutions for a new decade

I wasn’t sorry to say good-bye to 2019 last night. It was a year that delivered cruel news, a year that wrenched at my heart and played mind games. So good-bye and good riddance 2019. Yet I thank you for the lessons in patience and strength you delivered – all the better to greet 2020 with.

Yes, you taught me that life is precious and my loved ones are sacred. That work, life and love better all be enjoyable because we’re here for a short time and there are absolutely no guarantees. So, as I greet 2020 with a mimosa in one hand and a delish cinnamon bun in the other (a New Year’s Day brunch at the request of the very best husband in the world), I’m repeating these resolutions to myself – mantras for this brand new decade that I welcome with open arms.

  1. Enjoy the ride

    The toughest ask, yet the most important. Too often we focus on milestones, weekends, and vacations, and forget to breathe and take in the moment we’re living in. I’m committing to appreciating my clients, my family, and myself and making sure I build in special moments to help all of us enjoy the ride we’re on together.

  2. Love more

    My journey over the last few months has reminded me we can’t know the challenges those around us are facing. I’ll be working hard to judge less and extend grace more often. Practicing simple acts of kindness for those I know and, at times, for those I don’t – and making sure that great big gestures are delivered to those in need.

  3. Prioritize trust

    When I work with clients, they trust me with their innermost thoughts, their stories, their hopes and dreams. I’m pledging to go above and beyond to be worthy of that trust – in both business and personal relationships.

  4. Identify as a revolutionary

    I’m reminding myself to continually work at breaking through conformity; to take risks, challenge the status quo, and find revolutionary solutions for clients, my loved ones and myself. It’s time to think big and not hold back.

  5. Write more

    Writing has been my training, my passion, and a great gift that I haven’t exercised thoroughly and thoughtfully in recent months. I’ll be journaling for myself, writing for clients as always, but most importantly, spending more time here – writing blogs and social posts to share inspiration with those who have been kind enough to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media.

How are you welcoming in this brand new decade? What are your challenges, your hopes and dreams? Drop me a line or hit me up in the DMs, and let’s work to spark change in this fabulous new decade.

With gratitude,

Shannon Larkins

Shannon Larkins

Founder, Blackcoffee Studio

Over the course of 15+ years, Shannon has grown Blackcoffee Studio out of a love for building brands and reputations. She serves up Blackcoffee as a morning ritual while caffeinating clients and readers on the regular. You can find her at www.BlackcoffeeStudio.com


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Shannon Larkins

Shannon Larkins

Hi I’m Shannon, founder of Blackcoffee Studio. A former reporter, spin doctor and politico, I now focus on using my powers for good.

I create mighty brands for clients and share their stories with the world. I’m also rather addicted to my nutty family, dogs with pushed in faces, Mexico and of course coffee … black.