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Nice to meet you.

I’m Shannon Larkins, the chief brand barista over here at Blackcoffee Studio.

Over the course of 15+ years, I’ve grown Blackcoffee Studio out of a love for building brands and reputations. Brand when done right is magic that compels clients to become evangelists. Too often brand is misunderstood and sloppily done. That’s what happens when strategic plans gather dust while the creatives fuss about pretty pictures, creating something wholly unaligned with the original vision.

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Meet Our Founder

Brand strategist. Creative Director. Blackcoffee Drinker. Mogul Maker.

Shannon Larkins leads the Blackcoffee team to build brands and protect reputations flawlessly. With 15+ years of industry experience and an intuitive sense of premium clients, she creates lush brands that attract.

Why Brand

Brand Manifeste

So much more than your logo, brand is the luxury of your offerings and intelligence of your pricing. The beauty of your website and ease of its navigation. It’s every crisis you handle gracefully and every one you avoid to begin with.


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